Private Equity Analyst Programs

Private Equity Analyst Programs

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PublishedPublished: 13.9.2022
0 - 1 Jahr Berufserfahrung

The Private Equity Analyst Program is a 2-year full-time employment with the potential opportunity for outstanding candidates to continue their career at LGT Capital Partners. Depending on team, the positions are open in Switzerland (near Zurich) or the United Kingdom (London). The anticipated start date is 1 July 2023.

We offer the PE Analyst opportunities in various teams within Private Equity Investment Management:

  • Manager Selection (Primary) team, focusing on manager and fund selection;
  • Secondary team, focusing on the sourcing and execution of secondary transactions;
  • Co-investment team, focusing on sourcing and execution of direct investment opportunities;
  • Infrastructure team, focusing on  infrastructure investments across primaries, secondaries, and co-investments.

The Analyst Program starts with a 3-weeks tailored training module and includes continuous on-the-job training.

The Analyst Program will focus on developing the following core investment skills:

  • financial modeling;
  • valuation and analysis of various private equity funds and their underlying portfolio companies;
  • comparable fund analysis, using both public and private data.

The position also includes other responsibilities associated with the investment process.


  • Betriebswirtschaftslehre
  • Mannheim Master in Data Science
  • Mannheim Master in Management
  • Mathematik
  • MBS: Mannheim Master in Management Analytics (Teilzeit)
  • Wirtschaftswissenschaft
  • Volkswirtschaftslehre
  • Wirtschaftsmathematik
  • MBS: Mannheim Full-Time MBA


  • 0 - 1 Jahr Berufserfahrung


  • Englisch


  • Projektmanagement
  • Präsentationstechnik
  • Statistik
  • MS Excel
  • Finanzwirtschaft