Analyst Investment Management

Analyst Investment Management

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PublishedPublished: 20.9.2022



A talent-driven company is by definition a diverse and inclusive place to work.

Though we aim to do better every day, we are proud of the workplace we have created.

Pinechip is a long horizon investment firm serving one client, a single family office based in Hamburg. We dedicate our efforts

to expand the freedom and wealth of future generations through tailor-made investment solutions. These solutions are

characterized by their long-term approach, very little constraints, diversification and risk management. With an eye on

competitive advantage, the company develops investment solutions or finds strategic partners for implementing investment

processes. The investment approach is applied across markets. Liquid investments in the financial markets are usually the

starting point. Private or alternative markets are sought if there is an economic rationale.

The team of Pinechip comprises ten members. The company culture is characterized by an atmosphere of trust and

collaboration. The organisation is lean to allow for information traveling quickly. Intellectual curiosity, humility and seeking

different viewpoints are key ingredients for superior long term outcomes.

Analyst – Investment Management


This role is an entry level / young professional position in the investment management team. The investment team is

responsible for sourcing, developing, analysing, trading and monitoring investments. The goal is to construct a portfolio that

best suits the needs of the client. Analysts are exposed to the full range of our service. It is important that you learn how an

investment organisation ideates, analyses, takes decisions and adjusts positions. Learning from problem-solving, being

exposed to different strategy styles but also being trained by experienced investment professionals and participating in

external trainings are critical to fostering your learning curve. After a training period of 2-3 years Analysts increase their

specialization and take over position responsibility with oversight of experienced portfolio managers. Typical tasks include:

• Support the due diligence of investment opportunities in different strategies (e.g. Event Driven, Systematic)

• Assist portfolio managers in monitoring existing investments: identification of changes in the process and

environment that could be relevant to return and risk forecasts, adherence of investments to expectations,

participating in review meetings

• Assist with the preparation of investment memoranda and meeting notes for new or existing relationships

• Work on research initiatives to explore new themes and insights to inform our portfolio construction

• Forensic work to improve the understanding of portfolio interaction effects, challenge investment assumptions

• Create and regularly update documentation of the internal collaboration system

• After an initial training period, support the management of Pinechip portfolios through execution of trades via direct

market access (Equity Derivatives, FX hedging, cash and collateral management)

• Identify and review strategy specific academic papers and literature to be applied to our investment process

• Support maintaining the relationship network of Pinechip



• Alignment with our core values: integrity, collaboration, humility, intellectual curiosity and hard work

• Bachelor or Master’s degree in finance, economics or any other discipline

• A passion for deep-dive fundamental and/or quantitative analysis of strategies and managers

• Team-work and excellent communication skills

• Enjoy reasonable traveling to meet investment managers at different locations

• Verbal and written fluency in German and English language

• Proficiency in MS Office Tools

• All of the following are a plus:

o Previous work experience through internships or similar

o Candidacy or completion of CFA, FRM and alike

o Experience in working with MS 365 work environments

o Programming skills in Python or alike

o Extracurricular experience


• A collaborative, demanding atmosphere where you learn to solve investment problems and build a scalable

investment organisation.

• You will enjoy access to an internal team of experienced professionals. We will regularly work on your

development plan through tools such as retrospectives. You will also be able to participate in interactions

with some of the world’s most renowned external investment managers.

• You will learn about investing in an entrepreneurial environment with flexibility around your own career

path within our organisation.

• We are creating a modern work environment where you can realize your true self.

• Continuous technical and personal skill development is required and supported by the company.

• Regular social events.

• Alongside to an attractive compensation package we provide input to forster your personal development

• Work is mostly organised through an in-office experience, but there is flexibility to work from different

locations and adapt to specific situations on a case-by-case basis.

We are happy to be more expansive and specific about the benefits through the course of our interviews.


If you would like to learn more about us and the role, please contact us via leaving your contact

details. We also encourage you to visit our website

Please send your full application (Résumé and academic / professional references including certificates) to You will typically hear back from us within one or two working days.


The interview process comprises two stages. After a successful application we invite you for an introductory

interview in virtual format. This is followed by an assessment day. During that day you will be exposed to a simulated

work environment. This means you will interview with several members of the team. After this interview we will

make a final offer.


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